About Us

Our Mission
To Promote, grow interest and build community for cross country skiing and snowshoeing in Routt County for visitors and locals by offering exceptional experiences and breathtaking adventures!

Emily Lovett

I am an outdoor enthusiast!  Pretty much anything I can do active and outdoors makes me happy.  I grew up cross country skiing with my mom and dad in the State parks of Michigan.  My love for skiing has only grown!  After attending college at Kalamazoo College, I spent 6 years helping corporate America implement new computer systems.  Then I had a “reality check” with myself, prompting me to move to Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  I had two goals: 1) Slow down the pace of my life and 2) teach/coach Nordic skiing.  20 years later, I still love coaching, instructing and guiding Nordic skiing and do it full-time in the winter season.  I wouldn’t say I have a slower pace to life, but definitely a more rewarding life style!  Sharing experiences with people outdoors (and especially on skis!) it makes me tick!  In the summer months I design and guide hiking and biking trips in the US and Europe.

Katie Lindquist
I am a Minnesota native living the life in Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  A graduate of Animal Science and Agricultural studies, domestic and international, I put that education to work in pharmaceutical industry as a researcher in large animal health.  I have left the pharmaceutical world and now work as an organic inspector, conducting annual inspections on farms and at food processors in the organic food industry for compliance with the organic standards.
My other hat is as an athlete, coach and instructor.  Years of competitive cycling and Nordic skiing have groomed me to be a natural coach and teacher.  Getting people excited about the sports I love, moving their bodies and being outside truly makes me smile.  I love observing a beginner progress.  Watching, hearing and feeling their enthusiasm is remarkable and contagious.  I love being a part of a person expanding his or her own backyard for recreation and fun.

And so …
Emily and Katie met as ski enthusiasts and quickly acknowledged we were both very interested in making a difference locally in the Nordic industry, so we teamed up.  With our talents, combined tools, gregarious personalities and business backgrounds we directed this energy and brainstormed The Nordic Link.  The result is a unique ski company that caters to locals and visitors in the Steamboat Springs area.  Our mission is to grow the Nordic population in our valley through providing experiences that make people want to get on the snow again and again.   Our valley has grown to be a world class Nordic destination with over 125 kilometers of groomed track skiing at five unique Nordic centers and hundreds more  back-country ski and snowshoe routes. We got skiing!  That said, we offer clinics, lessons tours and more.  Unique programs pair ski clinics with special meals, wine tasting’s and sometimes a cooking class or yoga session.  We mix it up!  Always, however we have fun and create lots of energy with all involved!  Together, our aim is on generating enthusiasm, building skills and getting out there!  We are very excited about what we do and we are looking forward to another terrific year on the snow in Steamboat Springs!