JUNE 1, 2015

I wrote this short article as I was thinking about how to maintain my balance skills throughout the summer.


Balance…..Balance in our life, balance in our relationships, balance in our diet.  Most of us have something we are trying to keep in balance in life.  In this short article I’d like to talk about balancing our bodies….on skis.  Balance is one of the most important skills to have for both classic and skate ski technique.  First and foremost balance allows us to glide on our skis – creates efficiency.  Balance allows us to create power in our kick / push off and balance helps us to fully transfer our weight from ski to ski.

Whether we realize it or not, most of us have gained balance skills over the course of the ski season.  Standing on one foot, gliding on one ski doesn’t feel as challenging as it did in November.  What if we decided that this summer season, we could build on our balance skills and head into next ski season feeling strong in that area of our skiing?  Here’s the plan:  Maintain a routine of working on balance 3 days per week.  It doesn’t take a huge amount of time; it takes consistency to develop and maintain the balancing muscle memory.   Below I’ll show you a few of my favorite go-to exercises to maintain and improve balance.  However, there are so many ways we can work on balance so you can come up with your own plan that works for you.  Pick activities and exercises you can do on a consistent basis and change them up so you don’t get bored or in a rut.  I’d love to hear what other ways people maintain their balance skills over the summer months.  Let’s do this and head into next season 1 stride ahead!

Overview of Balance Body Position

5 Balance Exercises to try

Leg Swings

One Leg Mini Dip

One Leg Hop Scotch

Roller Ski – One simple drill


Yoga and Pilates: There are several poses in yoga and Pilates that strengthen balancing muscles


Emily Lovett is a coach and ski instructor in Steamboat Springs, CO. and is member of the PSIA-RM XC Education staff.    She Co-directs the Steamboat Nordic Camp and the West Yellowstone Ski Camp.   For more information visit and