IMG_5729“Coaches were the best!  Each of them had their own teaching style and they were able to adjust it based on each person’s need in the group.  This way we got plenty of individual attention.” 

“Video sessions was very beneficial.  You can be told many times what you are doing, but often it does not get to you until you see it.” 

“Well organized.  For a first time skater I had a great experience.” 

“The quality of coaching was very good.  I learned a lot of refined technique and drills to practice on my own.”

“Coaches did a great job.  I liked having the personal attention to work on getting the basic skills down” 

“I was very impressed by how well run and organized the program was and the caliber of coaches was excellent.”

The one-on-one feedback from coaches makes such a difference”

The coach to skier ratio (5:1 in my case) made the coaching very personalized”

I liked the small size of the groups – able to focus specifically on each skier’s needs”

Our coaches were patient, helpful and fun.  I’ll be back next year”

I appreciated the Ski Reps being available to provide demo gear and information about it”

Both ski venues were beautiful – kudos to the groomers”

It was very insightful to have my coach give me advice, I believed I was doing exactly what she asked, and then to see myself on the video making the same error she was trying to point out to me! The video pulled their pointers into reality.”

It was also great to be able to work with different coaches to get a broader perspective.”

IMG_9740The key to success is the quality of the teachers especially for more advanced skiers. Keep it up!!!”

The Coaches were great at giving me feedback in many different ways. Also, they gave specific skills to work on. It was helpful to hear what they were saying to others to help improve technique.”

Just want to say THANK YOU. This is the 2nd year I’ve come and amazed at how well organized this thing is, the coaches available, small groups, etc. I love it and my only complaint is I WANT MORE!”

Keep up the good organization and commitment. Great job. I Plan to be back again.”